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If you have a digital, creative, or marketing role that needs to be filled but don't know where to start, partner with Artisan for access to amazing talent.

Finding the right talent for your team is easier with the right partner.

Artisan Talent is an award-winning recruiting agency specializing in talent across the areas of digital, creative and marketing talent.


UX Designer, Visual Designer, Digital Strategist, Front End Developer ...


Graphic Designer, Art Director, Animator, Retoucher ...


Project Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Brand Strategist, Growth Marketing Manager ...

With an impressive network of specialized talent, we'll work hard to find the right fit for your team. From contract staffing and freelance projects to full-time placements, we're here to help.

Artisan is your advantage

We aren’t just a staffing agency. We partner with clients and top talent to ensure the right placement with the right team.

That means happier candidates, which, in turn, means our clients are more satisfied.

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Partner with us to find top talent.

  • Freelance, freelance-to-fulltime, and full-time placements
  • Deep Networks with the Connections You Need for Success
  • Marketing, Digital, and Creative Experts
  • 8 offices across the U.S.

Our Client Offerings

trophy Our network of top talent

payment We take care of tax and payroll

health Talent benefits like health and 401(k)

timesheet Payroll services and easy timesheet approval

wisdom The expertise that comes from the leaders of specialized creative skill sets and industry knowledge

agreement An emphasis on true, quality candidate matching over quantity


Our job is making your job easier

We set a high standard for the candidates we work with. Each candidate is fully vetted on his/her experience. We bring in 90% of our candidates to meet us since culture fit is crucial.

We only submit candidates to you who have been briefed on the role and have expressed to us an interest in joining your team!

We only submit candidates to you who are available during your requested timeline.

In the creative space, the look is everything. We will submit candidates with portfolios that best match your desired aesthetic. Our recruiters all have creative backgrounds!

We make sure that each candidate we submit aligns with your budgetary needs.


The Right Candidate for the right role

Partner with us for all of your staffing needs

  • Vacation, maternity, or FMLA coverage
  • Additional project resources
  • Seasonal or hiring freeze support
  • Hard-to-find specialized skills for project support
  • Full-time roles
  • Pitches and presentations

Benefits for Talent

One of the industry's most comprehensive training and benefits programs. Because we believe happy candidates are the best for the job.

We get how important it is to be covered. From medical to dental, you’ll have access to the same great benefits we offer our own staff.

We believe in working hard and playing hard. That’s why we offer paid time off to help you achieve balance in every aspect of your life.

Our 401(k) plan is one way we’re helping you reach your long-term goals. If you participate, we’re sure your future self will thank you.

We’re looped in to what our companies need, exactly when they need it. For you, that means we’ll always have the most up-to-date jobs.

We work hard to get you what you deserve – and we’re only happy when you are. We’ll even take care of the paperwork and tax stuff for you.

Your designated Talent Representative will get to know your skills, your experience, what you’re looking for – and most importantly, you.

The key to success is putting your best foot forward. To help your portfolio stand out, your Talent Representative will be full of insight and ideas.

We’ll help you nail every step of your journey – from interviewing to getting the most out of your career. After all, we’re experts for a reason.

It’s a fast-moving industry – and to help you stay ahead of digital, creative, and marketing trends, we offer free online training on the latest and greatest.

We’re in the business of making connections. If you know someone who’s just as talented as you, introduce us and earn up to $1,000.

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