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Q: I see that lots of people are putting headshots on their resumes these days. Should I do that?

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A: It depends. When I look at a designer’s resume, it better be well designed, and on trend. If you can work a photo of yourself into it, that’s great. But I have never followed up on a resume solely because it had a photo...Read More

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Q: Help! I need to make an online portfolio and I don’t know where to start.


A: I recall the first time I built an online portfolio and spent hours trying to figure out how to change one background color. Much wine was consumed that evening. If you don’t come from a web design background, it can feel confusing to be faced with so many options!

A great place to start is Adobe Portfolio or Squarespace...Read More

Q: How often should I check in after you submit me for a job?

Email.jpgA: When I was an Art Director, I would apply for jobs and wait with bated breath, checking my email frantically, torturing myself for days at a time. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have lost sleep over it.

There are SO many pieces and parts to the hiring process, especially when you work with a staffing agency...Read More

Q: What should I expect when I interview with a staffing agency?

teamwork.jpgA: Staffing agencies can be a mystery to creatives who haven’t worked with one yet, but finding the right agency and the right Talent Representative can change the entire trajectory of your career, if you play your cards right.

Here are five surefire ways to leave a (good) lasting impression...Read More 

Q: I might make a good Recruiter. How did you get into recruiting?

We_Are_Hiring.jpgA: The question I get asked most, after "what's the rate?" is "How did you get into recruiting?"

My degree is in Art and Graphic Design, and I worked as a Designer and Art Director for 15 years. I really, really liked it, but after working in an agency environment for a decade and becoming a mom, I was getting a little burned out... Read More

Q: Do I need a degree to be a successful Graphic Designer?

Designer_Computer_Station.jpgA: The long-winded answer is: it depends. It depends on the industry, it depends on the company, and it depends on the niche — UX positions won't necessarily require the types of degrees that traditional Graphic Designer jobs do.

A huge, conservative financial company might want to see that B.A. while a small start up agency might not...Read More

Q: I don't have any freelance projects lined up in December. HELP!

Referrals.jpgA: It’s common knowledge that companies tend to slow down during the holidays...and that can be a scary time for a freelancer, it’s a time that sends chills up the spine for more reasons than the drop in temps. But, with a little bit of preparation, and a little extra investment, you can use this time as a way to get organized, get your marketing game on, and get the contracts rolling in for the new year...Read More.

Q: It's a new year! What should I be doing differently in my job search this year?

Artistic.jpgA: What are your New Year's resolutions? Lose weight? Write that novel? Take that trip? Get a new job? If "new job" is what caught your attention, then here are some tips to help you with your job search! Read these 4 suggestions from Recruiter Amy Hayes...Read More.


Q: Should I ask people to “appreciate project” on my Behance portfolio?



A: Asking friends and co-workers for opinions on your work can be a nerve-wracking idea. What if their response is less than glowing? On the flip-side, what if their feedback helps you improve your work? Read More.


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